Thread Vein Removal

Treatment Overview

Micro Sclerotherapy is a highly effective treatment for the removal of thread and spider veins on legs. Thread or spider veins are fine red or purple blood vessels that lay in the surface layers of your skin. It is only when they dilate to 2 or 3 times their original size that they become visible to the eye. The cause of the dilation is not known but it is more common in women and can often become worse during pregnancy, after rapid weight gain or if you are prone to sitting or standing for long periods.

Micro Sclerotherapy has proven itself as an extremely effective treatment for the reduction of thread and spider veins, though it is important to note that it is not possible to prevent them from re-occurring. To assess your suitability for Micro Sclerotherapy treatment you will require a full consultation prior to the treatment and be measured for the stockings that you need to wear post treatment

Procedure Details

Micro Sclerotherapy treatment involves injecting a chemical into the vein through a very fine needle, which then works to remove the existing vessel. The final result after a course of treatments is thread vein free skin. Micro Sclerotherapy is a very worthwhile treatment that allows you to step out again without feeling the need to cover up.

How many Micro Sclerotherapy treatments are required?

A single Micro Sclerotherapy treatment will normally remove 60% of the injected vessels. A course of treatments is usually required i.e. between 3 – 5 at approximately 4 weekly intervals.

Will a sclerotherapy treatment remove my spider veins permanently?

There are certain spider veins that will be removed permanently, but there is no guarantee that other veins or other areas may not pop up. In general, treating most of the areas is an excellent idea, and you should be able to get rid of about eighty or ninety percent of those areas. It’s very common to have patients come back within a year or two years for other areas that need to be treated.

Are there any risks with Micro Sclerotherapy treatment?

Micro Sclerotherapy, on occasion, can result in ulceration around the site causing a small scar. You can be assured that every effort is taken to avoid this. The iron contained in the red blood cells can cause brown staining. In rare cases this can be permanent but usually only lasts up to 6 months

Who should not receive sclerotherapy?

Anybody on blood thinners or anticoagulants should not have sclerotherapy by injection because this will lead to increased bruising and swelling in the area. If in fact there are other causes for the spider veins such as deeper venous issues, varicose veins, then I think it’s important that this is a procedure that’s done by a vascular surgeon, not a procedure performed in an aesthetic clinic.

How long does a sclerotherapy treatment take?

Sclerotherapy treatment of both legs should take approximately thirty to forty minutes to treat all of those areas. Again, a lot of it depends on the areas involved and how many spider veins we’re talking about. It shouldn’t take more that about a half an hour.

Aftercare & Side Effects

Following your Micro Sclerotherapy treatment you will need to wear medical compression stockings full time for 72 hours, then during the day for a further week. For this reason it is not advised to receive Micro Sclerotherapy treatment before a holiday or in the midst of summer. Don’t be alarmed if the thread veins look worse to begin with as this is normal. The spider/thread veins will disperse over two to four weeks following treatment.

You will be advised to follow these instructions after Micro Sclerotherapy:

  • Avoid strenuous activity and extreme temperatures for 14 days post injection.
  • Avoid waxing for four weeks
  • Avoid sun exposure for four weeks

Sclerotherapy Price List

  • 1st Treatment – £250
  • Additional Treatments – £225
  • Medical Compression Stockings – £30

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