We are looking forward to welcoming you back to the Calla Clinic! We have worked hard to ensure all of the necessary infection control measures are in place to keep everyone safe. Please take a look at our covid-19 protocol below and feel free to contact us with any further questions.

All patients attending the clinic must only arrive at there allocated time. If they are early, they will be advised to wait in their car until their appointment time.

  • On arrival into clinic, they will be assessed, by taking their temperature and asking if they have or recently had any covid-19 symptoms or been in contact with anyone who has. If this is confirmed no, they will be allowed to enter the clinic.
  • All patients must wash their hands-on arrival.
  • 1 m distancing will always be maintained when possible, when it is not possible e.g. during the treatment then the Nurse/ Dr will be required to wear PPE.
  • All iPad / pens etc. will be cleaned immediately after use when consent has been completed.
  • The clinic will endeavor to take cards or bank transfers when possible.
  • All patients will be given their after care by text or email.
  • There will be no refreshment’s available apart from bottled water that the patient can take away.
  • Access to the toilet will be only if absolutely necessary and patients will be encouraged not to use it. If they do use it, they must flush with the toilet seat down and it will be cleaned thoroughly before it can be used again.
  • All patients MUST sign a covid-19 consent form before any treatment is carried out.
  • Where possible reviews must be done via video call to assess if they need clinic attendance.
  • The waiting room will not be used.
  • There will be only one patient in clinic at any one time and patients will not be allowed to bring anyone else with them.
  • The clinic will be cleaned as per protocol between each patient and time has been allowed for this.
  • Hand gels and signage is available throughout clinic for patients and staff to use.
  • Download Our Covid-19 HSE Risk Assessment

    For more information regarding the protective measures we are putting in place in clinic, download our Covid-19 HSE Risk Assessment.