LED (Light-Emitting Diode) Light therapy, as the name suggests, is a light therapy facial that has been gaining fast popularity over the recent past. This facial can make improve the texture of your skin by fighting fine lines as well as dullness and severe acne. Though this method has been around from the 1980s, it has only recently gained momentum due to the notable people now introducing it in their weekly skincare regime and showcasing it on social media sites.

The working of it is quite simple. After consistent use of the light therapy facials, the LED rays penetrate thorough the different depths of the skin and cause different reactions with our skin. This, in turn, leaves the skin super smooth, fresh and younger looking.

Ways Your Skin Will Thank You After You Use LED Light Therapy

A typical LED Light therapy employs three colour lights – blue, red, and green. Each of these colours specifically targets problem areas and help with the overall skin rejuvenation process. Below, you’ll read about how exactly each light works to give you the best possible skin.

Red Light

This helps to expedite the collagen and elastin production which gives you anti- ageing benefits. It actively treats rosacea and minimizes the redness caused by broken and weak capillaries. It helps to reduce elasticity by making the skin firm, lending a supple feel to the face.

It also helps to heal the inflammation within the skin tissues due to its anti-inflammatory properties. The light can also be useful in fading scarred tissue, and helps with sun damage and blemishes. The skin will look hydrated too.

Blue Light

This is used for acne treatment as it possesses anti – bacterial properties. Our skin has a molecule called porphyrin. The blue light when absorbed by it, creates a singlet oxygen or free radicals. P.acne bacteria contains large amounts of porphyrin. The oxygen is released into the bacteria effectively killing it. It helps controls even cystic acne.
The blue light is anti – inflammatory and helps with skin rejuvenation.

Green Light

This light helps to ensure a brighter looking skin by controlling and restricting melanin production in the face. It facilitates nutrient absorption into the skin, giving it a nice glow.

Skin damaged due to environmental factors like pollution, sun exposure, etc., can be greatly benefited by these light rays.

Sometimes, additional colours like white, yellow, purple and light blue may be also be used. All of the different coloured lights work together to give the user a younger and plump- looking skin.

Many people are turning to LED Light Facial-Therapy to fix and heal skin problems such as acne or reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines that come with age. Light therapy facial can work wonders for your skin. Many users have expressed satisfaction after prolonged use and it comes highly recommended by leading dermatologists and specialists.

More Information on LED Light Therapy

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